On Tuesday evening on January 20th, 1903 a group of Nobles from Karnak Shriners met at the Masonic Temple in Saint John, N.B. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the formation of a Shrine Temple in the Maritime Provinces.

After several other meetings with other Nobles present, the name LUXOR was selected and Dr. G.A. Hetherington was chosen as the first Potentate. A dispensation dated May 20th, 1903 authorizing the Temple to conduct business was received. At the Imperial Council Sessions held in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. the Charter for the Temple was issued, dated July 9th, 1903.

On the role of Luxor Temple appear the names of many leaders of the Masonic Fraternity, not only in New Brunswick but throughout the Country.

2021 Divan & Reports

Divan is the “board of directors” or “executive council” of the organization, and serves as the management team for both business and fraternity activities for the Luxor Shriners. We honour our elected members and their commitment and dedication to the mission of Shriners International.

Ill. Sir Terrance Spence


South Tetagouche

[luxor shriners]

Noble Rev. Erik Kraglund

Chief Rabban

Grand Bay-Westfield

[luxor shriners]

Noble Robert McCormack

Assistant Rabban


[luxor shriners]

Noble Randy Nelson

High Priest & Prophet


[luxor shriners]

Noble Jody Gagnon

Oriental Guide

Lutes Mountain

[luxor shriners]

Noble Graham Fraser



[luxor shriners]

Noble Gord Thorne


Saint John

[luxor shriners]
Noble Laurie Bishop

1st Ceremonial Master


[luxor shriners]

Noble Jack Steele

2nd Ceremonial Master

Saint John

[luxor shriners]

Noble Mackenzie Carter



[luxor shriners]

Noble Al McTaggart

Captain of the Guard

Saint John

[luxor shriners]

Noble Harvey Spence

Outer Guard

Big River

[luxor shriners]

Noble Robert Biggins


Mill Cove

[luxor shriners]